BioGenFutures: The future of genetic privacy - Don’t be tracked, analyzed or cloned

Fantastic near future company-art project from bioartist Heather Dewey-Hagborg. She designed a tactical genetics-obscuring spray-kit for destroying evidence and erasing your identity, to protect your genetic code and your privacy. It deletes 99.5% of DNA left behind and obfuscates the remaining .5% with genetic noise.

Snip from the press release (PDF):

Genetic information is inadvertently discarded by billions each day through shed hairs and lashes, dropped cigarette butts and gum, or saliva left on glasses and silverware. In addition to being accidentally discarded, DNA is routinely extracted and often stored from infants at birth, and as criminal DNA databases are expanding exponentially. Law enforcement now routinely profiles individuals convicted of even petty crimes, tending toward permanent storage of both profiles and biological samples from individuals arrested for but never convicted of a crime.

It also includes statistics such as that it only takes .5 nanograms of DNA required for standard forensic analysis, and that there is 108 nanograms of DNA in a microliter of saliva or 40 nanograms of DNA in a fingernail.

You can buy her product “Invisible” in the New Museum Store:


Invisible is a suite of two complimentary products. The Erase™ spray deletes 99.5% of the DNA you leave in public. The Replace™ spray cloaks the remaining .5% with DNA noise. Used together, Erase™ and Replace™ make you 100% invisible.

There even exists a shadow market:

Brave new world.

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